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 Xplore offers more than 40 workshops and performances over three days, bringing together tantra, ritual, dance, BDSM, trance, yoga and other body practices. On the fourth day we are also introducing for the first time an expansion of the Xplore concept to include the Sex/Philosophy Symposium.


Xplore is the most unique and sophisticated sexuality festival in Australia. Our workshops are focused on giving participants new experiences, rather than just lectures and demonstrations. We seek out artists, philosophers, choreographers, dancers and sex enthusiasts of all kinds and from all over the world to give the most inspiring and unusual workshops.


Xplore13 brings erotic intensity together with music. Like music, erotic intensity can stir us to great emotional heights, throw us off our center and take us on a journey where we’ve never been. Like music, erotic intensity most often goes beyond words. When it truly reaches us, it makes us feel happy to be alive.


Xplore is outside of any box. The atmosphere is unique: a product of the diversity of interests and skills, choices and lifestyles that are represented, as combined with the liberation of so many forms of erotic expression.  


It is life affirming to xplore, to welcome new experiences, to go where you have not yet been. Xplore is a gentle space of intelligent and experienced people, who seek a different sexual culture.


Welcome to our playground!


TRISTAN TAORMINO about Xplore12 Sydney

"I want to thank Peter, delta® and all the teachers, participants, and volunteers who made Xplore Sydney possible—it’s a really unique, important event. The people it attracts are bold, courageous, inquisitive, and charming. We need more spaces like this one." 


GALA VANTING about Xplore12 Sydney

"Xplore plays with a lot of different approaches to sexuality – some really pragmatic, and others much more spiritually-based...I find that the spaces created by a whole bunch of curious souls coming together to seek personal and professional development around sexuality to be a pretty supportive environment for me."


JANET HARDY about Xplore11 Sydney

"I had a fabulous time. My workshops were attended by informed and interesting people, with a wonderful intersection of different sexual backgrounds, interests and orientations. I'd recommend this conference to anyone looking for an open-minded, diverse and hot sexual learning environment."


"There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." 

Vincent van Gogh


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